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Four out of five people experience back or neck pain at some time and it is the single biggest cause for time taken off work.

Spinal Reflexology is gentle and relaxing and very effective at treating most forms of back and neck pain. Sciatica or leg pain caused by the spine and pelvis being out of alignment is also very treatable. In fact it is one of the specialities of this therapy with most people feeling a great improvement after only a few sessions.

It almost goes without saying that all kinds of back, neck, shoulder and sciatic pain can be relieved with Spinal reflexology.

Here's what one of my clients said about Spinal Reflexology:

"My name is Maureen I saw Kathy to see if she could help me with my back pain. Prior to the treatment there were several areas of difficulty. For example I couldn't sit up in bed from a laying position I had to roll out holding the edge of the mattress. Now I can sit up and get out of bed without pain. When going to the bathroom I experienced pain bending down to raise the toilet lid. I had problems in the shower as I couldn't twist and bend my body without pain. It was difficult fastening shoes or boots. I also had lower back pain if I stood in one position for any length of time.

After the first treatment I noticed an improvement after the next one I was completely free of pain. At Christmas I was helping my sister get into a taxi & as she is severely disabled I was taking all her weight. My back went and I was in agony for the next week. When I had another treatment it got rid of the pain straight away. I am now free of all pain for the first time in years."
Maureen (Southampton)

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