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Reiki and Seichem Systems – Attunements, Healing and Personal Growth

The popular system of Reiki was discovered by Dr. Mikao Usui in Japan in the late eighteen hundreds. It's the best place to start, particularly if you're not used to healing energies or haven't been attuned before. It's a safe, strong and powerful opening to the Reiki energies.

The Seichem system is a higher vibrational frequency originating in Ancient Egypt and India that provides significantly more powerful and energetic healing. In my experience, and for those that I've attuned, it is also a challenging personal growth system that is far more enlightening than Dr Usui Reiki. It rapidly reveals and clears out blocks that stop you being open to all of your core potential and true nature. It will challenge your false ego-centred self so that you can break through and be in tune with your true Self.

Although Reiki also does do this, it is far gentler. For those that are ready for it, the Seichem system is a much more direct, rapid and challenging approach that you have to be ready for: physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Though it's not for the faint-hearted, it's tremendous for those that really want to go for it!

Reiki with me is a highly profound energetic experience, for it is my highest Joy to give you the very best support and attention to this special day, including some channelling and Life Guidance as well as in-depth teaching of each level to make the very best use of this experience in healing yourself and others.

It's even more than that. We catapult you, if you're willing, into a new way of living and being, which is more aligned to your essential nature.

I also help you with any blocks that you may have to opening up to the experience and give you the kind of personal attention and care that you would really, really like that may be missing from the more commercialised ways of teaching.

I am trained in both the Reiki and Seichem systems to help you connect with your higher self and opening up to channel more of you and amplifying your creativity in a way that's truly aligned with your highest Joy.

How you can tell if this is right for you?

You'll know!

If you feel excitement, or intrigue, or you just can't stop thinking about the possibilities, or you just have a strange affinity to the information here - it's probably for you. Just listen to your own heart and be guided by what feels right rather than simply what your logical mind is telling you.

Often simply talking to me on the phone will clarify your feelings and questions. If you're not sure, please don't be shy, I'd love to hear from you!


"Thank you very much for all that I learnt and experienced on the Reiki & Seichem Courses. I loved my time with you & I really do value that."

For more information about the Reiki Courses please telephone 07552 203999

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