Healing, this is my story.

It all started on Thursday morning 16th October 1997. I went to visit Trudy for morning coffee and a chat. Trudy was my friends mum a very kind lady. She rose to go and make our drinks and complained of pain shooting down the back of her leg. When she came back into the lounge with drinks in her hand I said to her “I know what is wrong you have sciatica” and in my next breath I said “but you don’t need to worry about it because it will go”. I had no idea where that statement came from. It certainly wasn’t from my thoughts or words. Then an extraordinary thing started to happen to me. I was encouraged by someone or something to get her to stand in front of me with her back towards me. Then I proceeded to scan her back with my hands just off her body, well when my hands reached the base of her back my hands started to shake. This is weird I thought. I asked her if I could place my hands on her back adjacent to where they shook; she said “go ahead”. As I did I could feel a strange sensation above my head like static electricity. I then asked her what it was like for her she replied “it felt lovely and warm”. This was strange to me because my hands were always cold. I continued for about a minute then took my hands off of her back.

I was intrigued what was going on; I decided to check out the rest of here from the front. As my hands passed her eyes and they shook, I knew she had her cataracts operated on earlier that year. I continued the scan and going past her shoulder again my hands shook, she had a frozen shoulder; there was no other reaction as I proceeded down the front of her body. I asked her if I could put my hand on her shoulder she agreed but she also said she had a pain on the inside of her other arm. So I placed one hand on her shoulder and one hand on her other arm. After a few seconds I could feel the energy above my head getting stronger and stronger and before I knew what was going on my whole body started to really shake, I tried to take my hands off but they were completely stuck. I was shocked and didn’t know what to do. I was looking at her she was looking at me as the shaking continued my whole body was vibrating from head to foot. After a couple of minutes my hands came free and the energy stopped. I stuffed my hands under my arm pits and said “I’m not doing that again”. We continued with our coffee and chat but we never spoke about what had just happened.

On my way home I was aware of my Dad being in my car, he had died 2 weeks before on 2nd October 1997. I said Dad is that you and he replied “yes Honey it is”. Well this was a revelation because no one ever called me Honey only my dad. I could feel his warmth as I proceeded to talk to him about where he was and what is was like being there. He said he was very happy and was delighted that he could communicate with me. By the time I got home I was intrigued and wanted to know more. I went to see my neighbour, who was a spiritual healer, to get some answers about what on earth was happening to me. He told me to scan him just as I had done to Trudy and when my hands shake put them on him. I proceeded to scan him and when they got to his chest my hands shook so I placed them on his chest. Within a few moments he said yes you have got it. I said “what have I got?” He replied “the gift of healing”. I said “you have to be kidding me how can I have the gift of healing I haven’t exactly been a saint all my life and what am I supposed to do with this the power it’s awesome”. He said “you’ll learn”. I went home and sat for a while in disbelief I thought when I wake up tomorrow it will be gone and I will get back to normal.

The following morning I woke up and I could feel lots of energy around to top of my head I laid there for a few moments then I said out loud “what do you want me to do?” Then I heard telepathically “go back to sleep”. I thought wow what a result I get to have a lie in. I woke about 20 minutes later and asked again “what do you want me to do now?” The response came and I was told I could get up now get washed and dressed. After I stood in the kitchen and asked “what do you want me to eat?” The reply was “just cereal and coffee this morning my love”. From then on I asked what I should do throughout the day I felt very reassured and loved unconditionally. My journey into the world of healing had begun.

My health at this time was very poor I suffered from chronic fatigue syndrome that was very debilitating and energy zapping. I had to use a wheel chair to get around because my back was so painful. My condition was getting worse so I went to see a spinal surgeon to see if there was anything he could do to help my back get better. He carried out some tests on my spine and I went back for the results a week later 2nd October 1997 at 4 pm, this was the same day my Dad died. The consultant said that the tests were not good and an operation would make things worse. I was devastated he was my last hope to sort my back out. I left the consulting room in tears. My husband wheeled me out to the car; I sat beside him and said “what am I supposed to do now”? His reply was very blunt he said “you will just have to get on with it”. I was shocked at what he said I just wanted some reassurance and that was not what I got. By the time we got home I realised he was right I would just have to get on with it, I knew my limitations and the pain I was in and nothing was going to change that. So I let go of trying to find a medical answer and live with my problem as best I could. Tuning into the gift of healing 2 weeks later was the turning point in my recovery. Within 1 year with regular self healing I was fit and strong. I didn’t need my wheelchair anymore and sold it to my neighbour across the road. Over the past 24 years my whole body has adjusted to accommodate the intense light frequencies for extraordinary healing.

The very first person I gave healing to was a gentleman who in his late teens tore the cruciate ligament in his left knee whilst playing rugby. After the surgery the consultant told him he would never be able to straighten his leg so for the next 60 years he walked with a permanent bent left knee. I spoke to him about how I had inadvertently tuned into the gift of healing. He asked me if I could heal his knee. I said “I could try and see what happens”. I was very unsure at that time as I had never tried to give healing to anyone. I asked him to sit in front of me and I proceeded to hold his knee with both hands. I started to feel the energy flow through me and he could feel the warmth in my hands. After a few minutes I took my hands off and asked him to stand. To our amazement he was able to straighten his left knee and all the discomfort and pain was gone. He was so delighted that when he left he was dancing in the drive way. I sat for a while contemplating what had just happened was I really a healer or was this just a fluke, my conclusion was the former I did have the gift of healing.

I decided to set up my practice as a healer I placed an advert in the local paper and before long I had my first patient ringing me to book a session of healing. I charged her £5 she was very pleased with the result her pain and discomfort was gone. Over the years I have treated many patients with different condition including cancer and the results have always been positive for the patient. I don’t profess to know how the healing works I just know it does I can see the difference in their face after the first session they look 10 years younger all the worry they came in with had gone.

I have enhanced my healing by training in Counselling, Kinesiology, Sports Massage, and Spinal Reflexology and become a Reiki & Seichem Master Healer and Teacher. I utilise all the knowledge I have acquired to provide my patients with the beat possible outcome for them. I give healing unconditionally for their highest good. I work closely with my guides who are very knowledgeable in the field of healing. They show me where to work on the patient and then move extraordinary healing energy through me.

I feel blessed and humbled to be of service to all who come to see me.

Kathy Lockyear

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