I am an internationally renowned Healer; over the past 24 years my work has taken me to many countries including America, Mexico, Caribbean, Europe and Egypt.

My calling came in 1997 shortly after my father died. At that time I was very ill and unable to walk without the aid of walking sticks and using a wheelchair. My first task was to heal myself which I did. In just 1 year I was able to walk unaided, free of pain and revitalised.

By then I had decided to dedicate my life to helping others using the magical power of healing. This beautiful energy brings about peace and vitality in everyone I see.

I am a Reiki Master Healer and Teacher; I have attended courses with the National Federation of Spiritual Healers covering many Healing Techniques, Psychic Development and much more. With the assistance of my Guides and the Angelic Realm I facilitate healing on all levels in a safe and relaxing environment. You will feel unconditional love, kindness and empathy when I work with you.

Other therapies include Counselling, Massage, Back & Neck Pain Therapy, NES Health Screening & Life Coaching.

One of my specialities is working with Cancer Patients many of whom are either in remission or clear of the Cancer.

About Kathy Lockyear

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